Enda Scahill banjo weekend in 2010?

  1. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    I'm sure the other folks who've purchased Enda's banjo tutor got the email he sent out recently re: the possibility of an adult, immersion style banjo weekend in early 2010. I for one would LOVE to head home for that - I'll be well overdue for a visit home by then, only downside is that he mentions late Feb/early March as possible dates for it and man, the weather will be poxy then! I'm wondering where he's thinking of holding it, I've got me fingers crossed for somewhere in either Galway or Clare....
  2. BBarton
    Yah, would love to go to that too -- kind of a long haul from here for a weekend though. Maybe if it's successful, something similar could be done this side of the pond in future.
  3. mikeyes
    don't forget that there will be an Enda Scahill weekend October 23-25 near Dallas at the http://www.oflahertyretreat.org/ this year.
  4. BBarton
    Thanks for the tip -- still a long way from the Great White North, but more do-able.
  5. mikeyes
    Just a quick reminder about Enda Scahill at the O'Flaherty Irish Retreat next month. See above for details.
  6. mikeyes
    I am at the O'Flaherty Retreat right now and Enda's class is possibly the best workshop I have ever taken on Irish tenor banjo. Eat your hearts out.

    He is prepared, focused and logical in his presentation. Of course, after seeing him in concert the entire class wanted to give up the banjo as he is more than fantastic.

    I'll have some youtubes up next week.
  7. mikeyes
    Enda told me that he doesn't have time to organize the weekend this year and it will have to be put on hold until he does. another reason you all should be here, I guess, but mostly he and his wife are expecting and there are other priorities now.

    Youtube to come on soon.
  8. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Ah, Mike, I am more than envious! I had considered trying to get to the O'Flaherty Retreat, but it clashed with a dog behavior conference I had already signed up for/paid for - drat! Next year perhaps. Can't wait to see the youtube stuff!
  9. mikeyes
    Here is a taste of the class, a close look at Enda's relaxed right hand.

  10. mikeyes
    Here is Enda playing a set of jigs:

  11. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    what a great double bill of youtube clips there, Mike - your first showing how relaxed Enda's right hand is and the second showing his relaxed demeanor in general when playing: the definition of "at ease" if ever I saw it, lovely stuff!
  12. mikeyes
    There will be a lot more later on, Jill. It's a shame you could not make the Retreat. His emphasis was on the right hand and he gave a separate lecture to the camp on relaxation and breathing while playing. The class would yell "Don't forget to breathe" when he got on stage - he kept showing us when we were not breathing which was usually during the most difficult parts of the tunes.

  13. mikeyes
    Here is Enda accompanying a song on the banjo.

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