Where ya'll from and when we gonna jam

  1. preston
    I live in Crockett County. A beginner for the most part, but learning. I'm interested in playing traditional, gospel, americana, some bluegrass and pretty much anything.
  2. tburcham
    Hey Preston, great to have you in our Social Group. There are jams in the Memphis area. You might ask Kevin or Rick (also members of the West TN Mandolins Players group) to give you some info on their Friday night jams. We have a Monday night jam in Sharon, Tn, so if you want to come and pick with us, let me know and I'll get you directions.
  3. preston
    good to know, i play with a guitar, bass and a fellow mondoliner now and then, but im still pretty novice. its hard to get out much with a 2 and 4 year old but i practice everyday.
  4. johnhgayjr
    Hey guys - just joining up.

    John Gay in Memphis
  5. tlewis
    Hey John, great to see you on here! I see Bob once in a while around here! He's a busy guy. Are you all still jamming in Friday nights in Collierville and on Saturdays somewhere in Memphis? Terry Lewis
  6. johnhgayjr
    Terry - yes the jams in the area are Friday nights in Collierville and Saturday in Cordova.

    The Collierville jam is the biggest and has moved indoors for the winter. Its at the United Methodist Church in Collierville. The Saturday jam is at noon in east Memphis/Cordova at Hope Presbyterian.

    check out www.memphis-bluegrass.org for more info.

    Tell cousin Bob I said hey.

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