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  1. Russ Jordan
    Russ Jordan
    I haven't kept count after 20.....

  2. Steve Johnston
    Steve Johnston
    About a year ago I acquired a Collings model MF #498. It is a blackface model and is definitely well played. It has a much darker tone than my Givens. I'd been looking for an F model for about 3 years and have bought and sold too many mandolins trying to find one that really spoke to me. I think this is the one.
  3. Lane Pryce
    Lane Pryce
    MT2 #4212, torrefied, dark honey amber color. Crazy figure in the woods, wide grained red spruce top. Excellent volume, clear bright treble, strong midrange and G.
  4. Jph
    As a reforming guitar player, I recently bought a Collings MT, serial number 4422 from the Olde Town Picking Parlor in Arvada, Colorado. (An awesome shop) I probably should be embarrassed for having a mandolin this nice, as I am a pandemic newbie, but after picking away at a relatively inexpensive Kentucky mandolin for several months, decided to take the plunge. My wife said that I instantly improved several levels, and the instrument gets hours of use weekly (and sometimes hours daily, benefiting from long, boring zoom meetings with my microphone muted and camera turned off). I feel a bit sorry for my mandolin that it didnít get a more deserving partner, but I love it dearly and can hardly put the thing down.

    By the way, the Collings web site has a table with mandolin serial numbers by date of production. You can find it here: The table is not complete and only goes to 2019. It looks like they have been building a couple hundred A style and a hundred or so F style mandolins per year for the past several years. I would guess mine is either late 2019 or early 2020.
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