What Breedlove models do you play?

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  1. Steve Ostrander
    Steve Ostrander
    I just bought a sunburst Amercan ff and I love it. I swear it sounds better than my F9. It has a great chop, rings out in the highs, and I love the radiused FB. I was never high n Breedlove because of the non-trad design, but I played it at Elderly and fell in love with the tone and volume. Now that I own it, the design has grown on me. It's now my #1 mando.
  2. Lone Rider
    Lone Rider
    Just got me a new Breedlove American series FF and loving every minute of it. This model makes it real hard for the player to put it away. Loud, clear and loads of sustain. The Mandolin Store gave me a good deal on it. Nice guys too.
  3. Steve-o
    I just picked up an attractively priced used Quartz OF as my travel axe. I love the minimalist look, tone, and playability. Oh yeah, and the speed neck is especially nice.
  4. jrobins
    For the past month or so now, I've been the new owner of an American KF Custom. I had ordered a Black Gold but the shop I'd ordered through didn't have the model. So...Breedlove custom made an American Series in the Black Gold configuration for me. Only difference is I had them add ivoroid binding on top and back. Fabulous sound.
  5. JWChilders
    Just bought a Quartz FF in black (but not the black gold model). Love it; great sound, love the iconoclastic design. My first "quality" mando, this one is definitely a keeper.
  6. PhillipeTaylor
    Quartz OF. Damn that mandolin feels and sounds good... they will bury me with her...I want a blonde OO now.
  7. colorado_al
    I play a 2001 Quartz KF sunburst (SN 3880). I've owned it since 2007. I bought it as a replacement for my 2004 Q KF (bought new) which was stolen. (Serial number was 7219 - if anybody comes across it, I'd love to know)
    I installed a McIntyre MF-200 pickup, Allen AR-2 tailpiece, and Schaller tuners.
    I use D'Addario EXP 74 strings.
    I play it every day and it is the finest sounding mandolin I have ever owned.
    The Allen tailpiece made a substantial improvement in the sound and the Schaller tuners are more reliable.
    I also like the McIntyre MF-200 better than the Pick-up the World pickup I had in the previous KF.
  8. Dave_PA
    Breedlove Premier OF. I got it new from the Mandolin Store in Sept., and I couldn't be happier with it. It feels great and sounds great.
  9. AeroJoe
    Just got a brand new Premier FF #16795 on Jan. 3... outstanding tone and volume. I've read other posts that kinda put their tone in "modern sound" camp, but this thing is sooooo deep and woody, it's scaring people in the G****n club...Man! And I'm leaving banjo players babbling incoherently... this is my favorite Breedlove FF (I've owned 5) and they just keep getting better...typical absolutely top-tier craftsmanship...and incredible tone. You can't buy an better mandolin. A more expensive one, yes... but not a better one.
  10. DHopkins
    I have a Quartz FF and a Legacy FF. I use the Legacy for most gigs and the Quartz is a backup.
  11. Gandalfa
    I have a Premier OF. I was planning to get an OO, but there was a delay at the factory and I just couldn't hold off any longer. I'm really happy with my decision. It has a great sound, and is gorgeous besides. I got it in September at Apple Music in Portland, OR. I see they have increased in price on the Breedlove website by $400 since I bought it.
  12. Blewbyou
    I purchased (as my first mandolin) a McKenzie KF in a boxing week sale this year and am really enjoying playing it
  13. optik
    Hi all, new to the group - I have an American KF Burst #14366 - first mandolin and I love it!
  14. Lefty52
    Hi All,
    I just purchased my first Breedlove, a 2015 Premier FF, left handed, from the fine folks at The Mandolin Store. I haven't gotten it yet, comes on Wednesday, but wanted to join the group in order to "thank you" to all the members whose posts convinced me buy a Breedlove. I'm really excited that I found a lefty and that I got one of the last made in USA FF's. Once it arrives and I've had a chance to sit with it for a while, I post my thoughts and some pics.
  15. Eric Platt
    Eric Platt
    Hello all,

    Just joined this group as I just picked up my first Breedlove today. Cascade model. You can read my story about it in the General Forum. Definitely a cool thing and should be perfect for the type of music I play (old time and Scandinavian folk).
  16. napochan
    New member here. I play a Breedlove American KF ('15). Playing different genres (well, trying to) but currently having fun with Italian mazurkas and some old-time tunes (early 20th century). Heard some Brazilian acoustic combos (mando, uke, guitar) today that deserve more attention as well.
  17. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I just bought a Breedlove KO mandolin in natural colour finish #7276 from a seller in Cornwall, England. It is still in immaculate condition. It is on its way to Spain right now. Will post a review when I get it. I have not done a review in a while. Anyhow look forward to receiving it.
  18. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I have also added to my collection of Breedloves a Quartz FF #11140. See photos in photos on this social group site. Found in Northern Orrland recently.
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