My Vintage Gibson Obsession!

  1. William Smith
    William Smith
    Soon I'll be posting some pretty good photos of my keeper old Gibson mandolins for this new group I joined! I've owned probably close to 75 or so over the years, some I sure wish I would've kept-mandolins and guitars! For now I'll list my keepers for those who admire the great old Gibson's from the old era when times were much simpler compared to the fast paced lifestyle of today!

    December 1st 1924 Gibson F-5 signed by Lloyd Loar #80191, original #440 oblong case
    December 1st 1924 Gibson L-5 signed by Lloyd Loar #80192, original case
    1926 Gibson F-5 Fern #83793, original #440 oblong case
    1934 Gibson F-5 Fern #93722, original #440 oblong case
    1939 Gibson F-7 #EA-5618 with Randy Wood 5 scale neck,and tone bars shaved-no re-grad! a true "Loar Buster" A true Freakishly toned old Gibson, reminds many of a fine Loar!
    1924 Gibson Tenor Lute to Mandola conversion by the great Gary Vessel-this was in terrible condition so was a perfect candidate for a Mandola since these are Mandola bodies!
    1924 Gibson Tenor Lute to Mandola conversion by the great Gary Vessel-this one is getting worked on now! I'll probably post these on the Vessel group when completed! This one was very poorly converted to a Mandola with a busted neck so it was another perfect instrument to get redone to a Mandola! On these ultra rare Gibson Tenor Lutes I believe they should be kept all original unless they have serious issues like both mine had!

    I have some others but they are on the chopping block! I'll soon try and make a list of all I've sold, traded! That will be a very big list but all helped me get the above instruments of my dreams! Enjoy.

    2001 Fender Custom Shop Clarence White Telecaster ordered new!
    2001 Martin Clarence White sig. edition D-18-ordered new!
    1957 Martin D-18 Adirondack top
    1999 Gibson RB-12 flathead, top tension-just got in trade and believe I'll keep!
    2010 Fender Pink Paisley Telecaster
    1992-93 Gibson SG Special
    1934 Joe Wilson F-5 oddball-getting restored to playable
    2019-20 Apitius Custom Rosine-getting soon
    1919 Martin OO-18-getting restored, saved from the garbage-yes it still happens!
  2. William Smith
    William Smith
    Here are some that I've owned-I'm sure I've left some out?

    2001 Gibson F5-G
    1988 Gibson F5-L
    1980 Gibson F5-L, was re-graduated Wayne Benson's at one time
    2003 Gibson F5-F/B "Flame Burst"
    2004 Gibson V-Fern
    2009 Gibson F-10
    1937 Gibson F-7 "Randy Wood conversion"
    1934 Gibson F-7 "Randy Wood conversion"
    1939 Gibson F-7
    1924 Gibson Tenor Lute
    1935 Gibson F-12
    1921 Gibson A
    1924 Gibson A snake head
    1906 Gibson A
    1914 Gibson F-2
    1914 Gibson F-2
    1935 Gibson A-Century
    1935 Gibson A-50's with elevated boards, maybe 7-9 of these?
    1936 Gibson A-1-I re-graduated and put a 5 scale maple neck on
    1937 Gibson A-1 wide body
    1937 Gibson A-50 wide body with flowerpot inlay
    1937-41 Gibson A-50 wide bodies, maybe owned 5?
    1956 Gibson F-5-reworked by Randy Wood
    1944 Gibson Banner J-45 one piece hogwood back, spruce top
    1944 Gibson Banner J-45, 5 piece neck, maple back and sides, spruce top-I WANT THIS BACK IF I EVER FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    1924 Gibson A-4 snake with Virzi

    More to come I'm sure!

    1969 Gibson J-50
    1995 Phoenix Ultra
    2001 Phoenix Neo-Classical
    2012 Northfield Trad. F-5
    2006 Weber Custom Elite
    2001 Paganoni F-5 DL #8
    1982 Gilchrist X braced F-5
    1981ish Derring banjo
    2003 Martin OM-15
    1934 Martin R-18
    2001 Fender Custom Shop Clarence White B-bender
    1969 Fender Comp. Mustang-Red
    2000 Fender Strat, American, blonde, maple cap
    2000 Gibson Les Paul Studio
    1996 Taylor DCSM
    2005-6 Kentucky KM-1000
    Newer KM-150
    2005 Collings MT2-V Birdseye Blonde
    2006 Collings MT2-V Birdseye Blonde
    1919-1920 L&H style A long scale, violin style head carving and a purple lined rectangular case
    1949 Harmony Monterey A style mandolin
    1924 Gibson TB-4
    4 or 5 1924 SS-Stewart Mandolin-Banjos
    1947 Martin D-18
    1930's Orpheum New Yorker
    1930's Orpheum Imperator
    1961 Gibson F-5
    1950 Gibson A-50
    1949 Gibson F-12
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