Arkansas Traveler, the alternate version!

  1. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Michael asked me to collaborate on this tune as it's one of his favourites, how could I refuse! Really wild in the middle, Eastern European flavour, but it's great.......I was half expecting Dr Zhivago on lead electric balalaika, but he couldn't make the session! That's the beauty of collaborating across the pond - expect the unexpected........

  2. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    You guys just keep raising the bar! Great stuff once again! Love that minor change.
  3. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    That was incredible!
  4. Marcelyn
    Love it! That's one of my favorites too.
  5. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    If I'd had an electric balalaika, I'd a played it on that minor part. Actually the minor change is a mental exercise used to practise the use of different 'modes'. In this case it's the Aolian. It's just so different sounding when applied to Arkansas Traveler that I actually worked it up to use it. The fun part is figuring out the new guitar chords. Thanks, Tosh, for the great playing and video presentation!
  6. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Tosh, Michael - This is a Major success and no Minor undertaking. Once again, thanks for the collaboration. Very enjoyable.
  7. cjprince
    Wow! How cool was that!?!
  8. Susanne
    Wow, Tosh & Michael, it sounds fantastic!!!!! I made a minor version of Soldier's joy once. Fun
  9. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto
    Small world. I've done Soldier's Joy minor, as well. That's a cool one.
  10. Kyle Baker
    Kyle Baker
    Totally awesome!!!
  11. dashdrum
    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    This is NOT an alternative version.
    Just the version from Butch's video which I have been working on recently:

  13. OldSausage
    Lovely - really nice version and sweetly played.
  14. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    Nicely done, Manfred!
  15. Francis J
    Francis J
    Tosh and Michael, that's a great contribution, and hopefully the beginning of a trend in collaboration here in the group. There's a chemistry there that really works, and Manfred, once again tuneful accurate playing that has become your hallmark.
  16. Marcelyn
    Oooo, really pretty, Manfred. You've got that one down for sure.
  17. nanaimo
    A very nice piece. This one caught my attention in the last week. Thanks for giving me some idea as to how to approach it.
  18. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Very nice, Manfred. I really like the lower "A" part. I've attempted this tune in the past without much success. After listening to your solid rendition I've moved this tune from my "Maybe Someday" binder to my "Learn Now" binder. Thanks for the lesson and the nudge.
  19. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Excellent performance!
  20. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    Awesome Manfred! That is a really great version.............
  21. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Thanks a lot for all your kind words, guys.

    Tosh, good to see you back! Where have you been hiding? I am gonna watch Italy-England in a few minutes and hope England make it into the semi-final
  22. OldSausage
    I've always liked this tune, I guess it was one of the first I ever learned on the mandolin, so here's my go. My camera battery ran out before I could get a take I was quite happy with, so you'll see the playing and the music go slightly out of sync at one point - sorry about that, but I'm sure those of you who've done a bit of this understand

  23. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Really cool variations and beautifully played!
  24. OldSausage
    I spent the whole day playing mandolin today, and this evening it finally started to sound pretty good to me. This is my last video today, I promise.

  25. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Really cool variations and beautifully played times 2. Keep 'em coming David.
  26. justkaron
    justkaron need to limit yourself from posting all the videos you feel inclined to post! Don't hold back..none of Ya'll. Just sayin'.
  27. Tavy
    Looks like I'm only a year late to this thread! I really loved the minor key wildness, while OS's version rocks (as usual!).

    Good work all.
  28. sgarrity
    Here is my take on the traditional tune. I need less caffeine!

  29. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    sgarrity, that was some mighty fine picking. Loved all the drone strings and the many variations. Thanks for posting. (If that's what caffeine does then never order decaf...)
  30. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
  31. richieb
    Better late than never! Here's my basic version:

    I'm just getting around to learning a lot of these old standards.
  32. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Oops again, had to change this one, again...
  33. bbcee
    Really nice, Simon! Glad you resurrected this thread.
  34. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Why did you change it? The second one has black spots on it...and my untrained ear didn't pick up anything weird on # 1...? Good tune, well played. Oh..I get it, it's like old fashioned artsy stuff..ok then. If you don't want two up it's easy to delete one...or do you want two..?? I like the instruments you used too.
  35. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Bbcee and Ginny, the problems were something that’s still a problem but I don’t want to talk about it right now.
    -actually in a couple of days I won’t notice it either, ha ha.
    I’ve been wanting to record this for years so that’s good enough.

    And those awful black dots and vertical lines. I get them each time I chose Super 8 as the vid filter. Can’t get rid of them.
  36. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Good offering, Simon.
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