What kind of music are you using the Seagull mandolin with?

  1. stephl
    So I use the Seagull mainly to do folk, Quebecois and a bunch of Beattles songs... I have to admit I really like how versatile the Seagull S8 is.
  2. benbonewilly
    I got an s8 about three weeks ago. I mostly play fiddle tunes (Irish and old Time), country, and hymns at church on mine. It is also fun to use on acoustic rock songs. My wife and I both sing and the tone is perfect for our guitar/mandolin duo. Here is a little clip of Redhaired Boy that recorded on my phone the other day. I used Martin M440 Light 80/20 bronze strings and white nylon .46mm with the tip filed/rounded off. I have two nice Kentucky mandolins too, but I reach for the S8 most often!
  3. stephl
    Sounds great! We!l done
  4. benbonewilly
    Thanks! I was just trying to show people what the mandolin sounds like since there are very few clips of people actually playing them.
  5. PH-Mando
    Very nice. I like the sound of the S8. I added one to my collection. It is different from my other mandolins - but in a good way.
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