Wow, are there really only 8 mando players in Oregon?

  1. Gandalfa
    Or at least only 8 who like to talk about mandolins online? Is there any way to buzz the activity on this site? I'm a newby, but would like the opportunity to connect with others.
  2. FatBear
    It's a funny thing about forums. The more activity they have, the more people they attract. The inverse is also true. So the way to give CPR to a group like this is to start useful and interesting threads and be patient. A separate posting titled something like "Boring mandolin player going down ta Drain wants to meet others" might inspire interest. :-)

    If you do somehow get an interesting thread going, mentioning it in a general forum and linking to it can draw in new members. It's a PR game, but with no leadership. Just us peons. A sort of organized chaos. Doesn't that go with mandolin playing, anyway?
  3. FatBear
    I just noticed another posting asking where to find jams and such. I did a Google search and found a few interesting things that I posted as replies. It's here:
  4. Coffee Guy
    Coffee Guy
    now there are 9?
  5. FatBear
    Are you in the coffee biz or do you just support it with your dollars? I, myself, am a big supporter. It seems to go with being an Oregonian.
  6. seththedude
    Looks like we are up to 11 now.
  7. mandroid
    Columbia River Estuary out my north window.

    I know a few more players locally but they never read this forum.

    Mandolin players .. those Not in Eugene/Portland are even Rarer..
  8. mandroid
    So thats IT? just a head count?
  9. FatBear
    Hi Mandroid. Every time I see your avatar I'm tempted to go hunt up a picture of a blue box...

    So then you must live in or around Astoria. I guess you don't have to worry about your mandolin drying out and cracking. I live in a houseboat (floating home) in Scappoose half the year (the warm half) and in southern CA half the year (the other half). I'm down there now so I'm not sure if I should be posting to this group or not. Anyway, my instrument won't crack in the summer, but I keep two humidifiers in the case when I'm down here in the winter. The weather is very northwestern today in San Diego county (dark, cold, rainy) but that's very unusual. It's usually waay too dry for wooden instruments.

    We've been coming down here every winter, rebuilding this house. At some point in the next year or two we may retire down here and in that case you'll be back to 10 mandolin players in all of Oregon. Be a good place for a professional player: no competition. Of course there could be ten thousand with my skill and there would still be no competition for a professional player.
  10. HonketyHank
    Can I join? I don't know what this group actually does other than count noses, but the count is now one higher.
  11. Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen
    Hey all, I live out in the sticks south of Eugene, I'll be traveling 'round the state in 2016, Brookings to Astoria, my Ellis and I would be interested in meeting some other mandolin pickers. If you have an interest let me know. I guess I'm #12, cheers Mark
  12. Bill McCall
    Bill McCall
    Okay, so now I'm 13. I see about 8 other players every Saturday so there are a few more. That's at Taborgrass in PDX, which is aimed at beginners/intermediate players. Lots of jams in PDX, and festival season is coming up, so maybe we should have a secret handshake. Am interested in bluegrass and swing. don't see a swing group.
  13. mandroid
    Half the state does Live in Portland.

    Jam spaces in Astoria are limited by venue owners who are not going to pay
    ASCAP/BMI licence fees . the industry Protection racket.

    so at least 1 open Mic .. sends you out the door if they think you are playing a copyrighted cover.
  14. dadsaster
    New to the group. I live in Portland.
  15. RobP
    Is this group still alive? I just noticed it. I live in the Corvallis area.
  16. Caseymandolin
    Beginning mando player/builder in Sherwood, OR.
  17. Richard G
    Richard G
    I live in Albany Oregon hoping to connect here in the mid-valley!
  18. bolzano
    10 now :-) I also live in Albany, right near Corvallis. Looks like some others here from this area...
  19. MandoCarter
    Well now there is 11. I guarantee you there are many in Oregon! I live part time near Corvallis!
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