Have room for another Newbie?

  1. Willow
    Hi everyone!
    Actually I'm a pre-newbie but I hope to be a real newbie soon
    I just ordered my first mandolin today and can't wait to join everyone in the journey.
    I've already picked up some good information from the group, so many thanks in advance, and probably many more to come. Hopefully I'll have some experiences of my own to share with everyone in the near future.

  2. nanaimo
    Welcome to the Newbies! You will find a great deal of support here to help you allow your new journey. Tell us what type of mandolin you will be getting.
  3. Willow
    Thanks for the welcome! I opted for "The Loar" LM-400. Hope it sounds and looks as good as it does online... I was so excited when I ordered it that I forgot to order a tuner and other accessories so now back to the research.. Thanks again!
  4. justkaron
    Doug, welcome to the Newbies hangout! We have lots of fun here.
    I think you'll enjoy mandolin. Do you play any other instruments? Many come to mando after playing guitar.
  5. Willow
    I messed around with an acoustic guitar when I was younger...much younger, but I never really applied myself towards playing really well. I could play chords and strum a few songs, but nothing technical at all. I've always loved the sound of a mandolin though, so I plan on redeeming myself. Wish me luck!!
  6. justkaron
    Doug...my husband bought me a little Gibson acoustic in 1969 for Christmas. That's right...43 years ago. I was SO pregnant with my daughter that I didn't have a lap. LOL.

    Managed to learn 3 chords (guess which ones...LOL) and strummed 'Puff the Magic Dragon' and sang along. It was pathetic.

    I've forgotten those guitar chords ......and had to start from scratch on mandolin. Gave the guitar to my son 20 years ago.

    Looking forward to seeing your first video. Hope you'll join in with all that. It's really fun. This month we're working on 'Fisher's Hornpipe' as our April tune.

  7. Willow
    Good ol Puff! What a great song! Makes me cry though Well I'll be starting from scratch myself, so it will probably sound like I'm scratching a chalkboard for awhile... but at least now we have a support group.
    Actually, when I went to check on mandolin lessons, my daughter told me she wants to learn the acoustic guitar. My neighbors are SO gonna hate us

  8. onawhim
    Hi - welcome. oooh - you get to buy the accessories for the first time - I loved that stage - so much choice - so much total immersion about the most random things! actually - every time i get something - including a sticker for my mando case - its still very exciting. enjoy the journey.
  9. Willow
    Hi! It IS exciting! It's going to be a long week or two until my mandolin arrives.. but while I'm impatiently waiting I'm going to check out a few local music stores for goodies I've also started searching the web for good beginner sites. I'm going to be taking lessons, but I figure it doesn't hurt to learn different views or styles of learning. Anything that will help, right?
    Can anyone recommend any good internet sites for newbies? I'll search this site as well. Thanks!
  10. Cackmandu
    Youtube Anthony Hannigan, Matt Raum, Brad Laird, Don Julin, that ought to keep you busy for a little while.
  11. GreenCoMick
    Greetings and welcome too!

    Hope your mando is at home by now.....congratulations! I just bought my new mando too, got the Red Valley A style oval hole. Just love it!
    If you haven't already picked out a tuner, I just love the Korg I got! It's important though to make sure the tuner you get is a chromatic tuner!!! Can detect overtones, not just straight tones. If you've ever tried to tune using one of those digital online tuners, you know what that's like!
    Many happy hours of playing!
  12. GreenCoMick
    Here is a great tool for finding chords, some hard, some easy!

    You can set the options you want, and even print them out!! I find this to be very nice!!!!
  13. GreenCoMick
    OK, perhaps WITH the link this time!!!!!!
    Sorry, it's been the Friday from hell!!
  14. Willow
    Thanks for the great link! and congratulations on your new mando! I'm lovin every minute with mine as well. Now to get my fingers to cooperate a little better... and work on my strumming... and reading tab faster.. lol it's all fun! btw, I got the snark tuner which works like a charm. Thanks again!
  15. GreenCoMick
    Anytime Willow!

    I found the link to be very useful in helping me find an F chord I could muster without a five fret spread....but now actually doing the 5 fret version as it sounds nicer....moral of the story is keep playing and stretching! Hope you're having fun! I'm playing a Red Valley A style oval hole I got from the Mandolin Store....made by Jim Wilson in AZ...just beautiful sound and construction quality is great!
  16. Harry123

    I'm also a newbie and a newbie to the site. I've learnt a bit from browsing the site and so I signed up this morning in the hope to pick up even more tips.
  17. SOMorris
    Welcome, Harry. I almost quit reading the thread when I saw that it was posted in 2012. I don't know if any of the posters are still active here. Enjoy the journey!
  18. HonketyHank
    Hey, Harry. Welcome to the bunch.
  19. MikeZito
    A newbie thread from 2012 is not a big deal. I first came to the Cafe in 1998 - and since they don't have a group called 'Pathetic No-Talent Bums', I'm still a Newbie!

    Play, learn, enjoy and keep us posted.
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