Brad Laird's Ten Jammandments

  1. HonketyHank
    I have purchased a few things from Brad Laird - I really like his writing and speaking style in addition to valuing his instructional content. So I am on his email newsletter list.

    I just got an email with a link to download his new (thin) book, The Ten Jammandments, for free. I just now downloaded it and have skimmed through it. I will definitely read it more closely, but I can report that he had me smiling a lot in the bits and pieces I scanned. He invites folks to share the fact that it is available for free, so here is the link:


    The download includes a 25% off coupon for his other not-for-free coursework materials, so yes, I am sure he hopes you will become one of his students or customers. He's a good guy, though, so check it out. He even had his donkey thank me for one of my orders a while back, which is neither here nor there but it is certainly memorable.

    Brad checks in with us Newbies every now and then, too, so he is a Newbie too.
  2. bbcee
    Thanks Hank, I'll check it out.

    "Neither here nor there"? We're doing Flop Eared Mule this month, it's perfect!!
  3. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    I downloaded and read the book the other day, I thought it was great — but I have to admit I’m a bit of a Brad Laird fan.
  4. Ellsdemon
    He was the first person I started listening and watching how to play the mandolin. Just a FYI he also does a podcast about bluegrass and stuff. I enjoy listening to it and I think it's called Grass Talk Radio
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