Another July Newbie

  1. John Van Zandt
    John Van Zandt
    Lately, I've been searching for a mandolin while reading on this site! There's quite a few new and used mandolins in this part of L.A. That's what we call Lower Alabama!

    What luck to find another guitar and that first mandolin within about a week. The Kentucky KM-380 is sitting in layaway for a bit with a decent setup, and those new EJ-74 strings are ordered. Easy songs, that's what I hope to learn, first!

  2. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    Good for you! I hope you can get it out of layaway soon and start learning. You've come to the right place.
  3. bbcee
    Hello Vaulted, you're as welcome here this July as I was in July 2014! You'll learn a lot here, it's a friendly, supportive place. Ask anything!!
  4. MikeZito
    Hey John:

    Congratulations and welcome. A nicely set-up Kentucky will help to take you a long way.

    Keep us posted.

    Learn, play, enjoy.
  5. HonketyHank
    Welcome, John!
  6. John Van Zandt
    John Van Zandt
    Thanks, everyone! It's nice to feel welcome. Most of the playing above the twelfth fret is what I'm seeing in discussions. There's a ton of online lesson videos that help with learning new songs. This will be fun. My 'electric' guitar skills are improving as well.
  7. SOMorris
    Welcome John! Enjoy!
  8. Swimbob
    Welcome John,

    If you can find a teacher. That has helped me a lot. I played bass for over 40 years before picking up a mandolin and now I know just how little I knew about music.
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