Another Newbie 😁

  1. oboechik
    Hi, All!
    Iíve just joined in the fun and thought Iíd introduce myself! I am just starting this journey and have already found so much useful information my head is about to explode. 😂 I am a total newbie although I have an extensive classical background on oboe. (Incidentally, oboe and mandolin have the same range except for a few lower notes on the Mano. I thought that was fascinating.) I am completely in love with the sound of the mandolin and cannot wait to get my first one and really get rolling. In reading the forums, this site seems like a wonderful place filled with many supportive people, so Iím happy to have found you. Iím looking forward to getting to know you and pick your brains. 😁
  2. HonketyHank
    Welcome to the crazy house, oboechik! Classical training probably won't hold you back. Actually, the ability to read music is a plus even though a lot of us communicate using tablature. A good starting point, for free, is Baron Collins-Hill's website ( with video lessons for anyone just starting out - then a bunch of tunes to play once you get going a bit. That's how I started out anyway.
  3. SOMorris
    Welcome Oboechik! I started as a total newbie also, but had absolutely zero musical background. Glad you are here!
  4. oboechik
    Thank you!!! I’m happy to have found you! And Honketyhank thanks for the info! �� I don’t intend to approach it from a classical stance. My intention is to get away from the classical realm. �� I’m interested in learning tablature for sure. Here we go!!! I have a trial Mando arriving Monday!! I’m SOoooo excited! ❤️
  5. Guitfiddle Mike
    Guitfiddle Mike
    Welcome oboechick!
  6. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Welcome aboard, oboechik
  7. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    Today is Tuesday—did you get your instrument? What do you think?
  8. bbcee
    Hi oboechick, wishing you many happy miles on your mandolin journey. We're all here to help, not to judge, so ask away!
  9. oboechik
    Thank you everyone! Louise I did receive it and I’m in love. She’s staying with me.
  10. Sleet
    Glad to have you with us, Oboechik, and that you've found an instrument that you love.
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