Mandozine TablEdit files

  1. HonketyHank
    As you have probably read in the main forum, the founder and driving force behind, John Baxter, passed away a few months ago.

    I saw a thread in the main forum today that one mc member was unable to access recently. Several of us have checked and confirmed that the TablEdit files section is still accessible, maybe also all of the site. But in that thread, there was a note from Ted Eschlimann (sorry if misspelled) that John's health declined very rapidly and he was unable to organize a continuation of the services provided by before he died.

    That spurred me to dig around on mandozine to see if there was a way to download ALL the TablEdit files. In fact there is. There is one section that contains zip files of all the tunes in each genre plus master zip file of the whole shebang.

    I downloaded the master file just in case goes away. The link to the zip file page is:

    And if you haven't poked around on, do so. It is a great resource.
  2. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Thanks Henry! I downloaded all those files a couple years ago. I was surprised that the zip files had not been updated since September, 2012 - so it may not actually be a complete set there, not sure, but it is certainly a wealth of material.
  3. bbcee
    Thanks! I grabbed these as well. A great reference that doesn't take up much disk space.
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