Hi all

  1. burnham
    Hi all,

    New here. Long time guitar player pulled into the mandolin world by a friend's banjo playing. He's got an old Gibson banjo and the thing just sounds alive - I'd forgotten how amazing an acoustic instrument can sound. I thought about trying to learn banjo, but it didn't feel right, and the reasonably priced banjos I saw were just awful compared to this Gibson I got to play a bit. The mandolin is much more guitar-ish and seems like a good place to spend some time.

    I bought a Kentucky KM-172 on eBay a month ago. $300. Just took a lesson with Dave Goldenberg (excellent, btw!) and trying to sort things out generally. The bridge looked funny but not knowing anything about mandolins thought it was normal. Dave noticed it was broken, so I've got a replacement on order.

    Enjoying learning about the different tuning (5ths) and fascinated by the comparison to the violin. I'm working out (VERY slowly!) some of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas and that's fun and challenging.

    I listen to a lot of different music and somehow had never heard of fiddle tunes before about a month ago! So starting on that path also.

    A new deep project, but enjoying the ride so far.


  2. HonketyHank
    Welcome to the bunch, Mark B. Menuet in G is about as far as I got into JS Bach. He sure did write a lot of beautiful stuff, but most of it is beyond my current temptation level.

    Like you, I got bitten by the fiddle tune bug. I like digging around at thesession.org for tunes, many of which have found their way into North American fiddle tune lore.
  3. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Welcome to the group, Mark! I'm pretty sure you'll find the mandolin to be a very cool and highly addictive instrument. Enjoy the journey.
  4. Kevin Stueve
    Kevin Stueve
    shall we break the news to Henry that most scholars don't think JS Bach wrote minuet in G?
  5. HonketyHank
    Well, I read it somewhere on the internet, so it must be true. Composed it while sitting at the keyboard of his Moog taking a breather in between children.
  6. burnham
    Thanks, y'all! I've got about 7 seconds of Bach at about 1/4 speed.

    Plans for the weekend - installing a new bridge and working on 'Angeline The Baker'.
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