A little something for you flatiron lovers

  1. Pilot172000
    I was recently searching for a Flatiron Festival as the one I had purchased was lost by UPS while in transit so a posted a wanted add. One of the posters send me a message saying that he has recently purchased a Flatiron "Picker" prototype from Bruce Weber himself and wanted to get rid of it. I did my homework and called Bruce who relayed the story of how he built it as a new possible model for the 97 year but Gibson announced that they were heading back to Nashville so he shelved it and let it sit in his closet for 20 years. While cleaning his shop to move he came across it and decided to sell it. He even sent a letter of authenticity with it. The label inside is listed as Flatiron Picker Prototype and signed by Bruce himself. He also made mention that from this design he created the Weber Gallatin that has been highly successful for his company. I always wanted a Flatiron and boy did I get one. The missing link from Flatiron/Gibson to Weber Mandolins a one of a kind Flatiron Picker! It took some playing to get it to open up but boy is the action on it fantastic.
  2. Pilot172000
    If someone would kindly show me how to post pics I would post them.
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