Where are ya from?????

  1. 5byfive
    Where is evevryone from here in the Commonwealth?
  2. 5byfive
    Wythe County for me!
  3. Dfyngravity
  4. Jim Gallaher
    Jim Gallaher
    Staunton, home of Huss & Dalton guitars, Fretwell bass and neighbor to Stelling Banjo Works (Afton). Also, live acoustic music venue Mockingbird, The American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Playhouse, and ---(wait for it)---home of the Statler Brothers.
  5. Mandoviol
    I'm up along the Potomac...and have yet to go to a CABOMA jam!
  6. mandogt
    Iam from Lebanon,Va
  7. Jeff Oxley
    Jeff Oxley
    I'm from Forest (just outside Lynchburg), here!
  8. P.D. Kirby
    P.D. Kirby
    Born and raised in Afton Va, now residing in Palmyra Va.
  9. rgray
    Pamunkey Indian Reservation, King William County
  10. rmabe
    Big Stone Gap, born and raised. We're about an hour from anywhere. I can be in Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carter Fold, or Ralph Stanley's driveway within an hour of leaving my driveway.
  11. Barefoot Bud
    Barefoot Bud
    Stewartsville, just east of Roanoke. 5byfive, I love Wythe county. My grandmother was from there and would tell me about it all the time. Great place.
  12. sixwatergrog
    Ashland, VA. About 15 miles north of Richmond. Any Richmond/Hanover area players want to jam? I can pick melodies and strum chords on a few oldtime fiddle numbers and some Irish trad tunes. I don't have a mandolin any more, but I play a tenor banjo tuned GDAE, making it basically the same thing as a mandolin, just one octave lower and with a 21" scale.
  13. rodgtr1
    Rustburg, VA, just south of Lynchburg. Anyone up for jamming/playing in this area, let me know.
  14. wmlebleu
    Chesterfield, just off of Midlothian Turnpike. Anyone want to get together just to practice some tunes, nothing fancy, no dellusions of being a star, just fun; let me know. Beats the hell out of practicing alone and gives an opportunity to practice rythm instead of just melody all the time.
  15. fsusubdad
    Radford, VA
  16. fatt-dad
    richmond, va (over by UR)

  17. Ron Cox
    Ron Cox
    Fredericksburg Virginia
  18. Smh1970
  19. winmando
    Winchester, Va
  20. Roger Moss
    Roger Moss
    Charlottesville, Va
  21. RandomQ
    I'm from Ashland, just north of Richmond.
  22. KGreene
    Orange County... Barboursville area.
  23. Mando Mort
    Mando Mort
    Richmond area (Chesterfield)
  24. SlimJim
    Richmond, VA since 2001
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