Collings MTO

  1. Londy
    I could not upload pics on this forum so Posted them on the add photos section. Hey folks... I have a new addition to the family!
    I just received my first Collings MTO this week! I have waited 5 months for this new build and now that is here I cant put it down! I absolutely love the sound of the oval hole. This is the warm/woody sound I have been looking for. The tone on the mandolin is amazing; almost a guitar quality and it does not decay quickly. I have been playing a China made Rouge for 2 years and its like playing a cheese grader compared to this. I will say that the lower end models are okay to start with, just to see if you like playing the mandolin. However, if you decide to continue playing, there will come a time you need to step-up to a better instrument. I am so happy that I upgraded to the Collings MTO. It is making a world of difference in my playing and fits the style of music I want to play.

    I thought I would share some pictures I took of this new beauty to see what ya'll think of her. I will try to post a video soon but the cam built in my laptop has a horrible time delay and the recordings sound awful. I have to figure something out about recording good sound...any ideas?
  2. mfeuerst
    I like the cheese grater image
  3. bookmn
    I got my MTO a few days ago - wow. It has a different feel (to say the least) from my Chinese-built instrument and I'm still getting used to that. The sound is so different that's it's like a different musical instrument completely. I love it!
  4. katygrasslady
    WWWWWWAAAAAAA!!!! I want mine NOW! Need to wait another 5-6 weeks.
  5. bookmn
    All I can say Katy is that it will be worth the wait!
  6. acatasus
    I know a terrific player who plays a Monteleone. I recognized the beautiful sound of this instrument from the back of a large church, too far back to even tell what he was playing. It was only after the concert that I found out what it was. I had a severe case of mandolin envy. Then I bought my MTO. I no longer covet this man's Monteleone. I love my Collings!
  7. Cochiti Don
    Cochiti Don
    I bought mine from the Mandolin Store in August. After playing all the imports and a rather wimpy Pava I settled on the MTO. It has an intimate quality that was very different from the others. I just started playing in June, coming from the guitar world. I also appreciate the wide neck. I may get an f style just to be fashionable but I'm still smitten with this one.
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