Brad Laird and Cedar Hill

  1. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Here's a recently posted video of "Mama Don't Allow" from the 1984 Cedar Hill album, featuring Bradley Laird on mandolin. I enjoyed this quite a bit, especially when the a capella stuff gets going. Enjoy!

  2. bradlaird
    Thanks, Mark! Those were the days. That album was recorded about 4 months after I joined the band.

    A little trivia: The engineer on the project was a guy known then only as "Ed E". He was about 16 then. Years later he was very well known as Ed Roland of Collective Soul. His picture is on the back of that album.

    The other interesting trivia is that Doc Watson wrote the liner notes for the record. Actually he recorded them on a cassette tape and we transcribed his words to the typeset copy that is on the back. Somewhere I still have that cassette. I'll dig around for it. It's pretty cool.

    The final bit of trivia is that the record was recorded on the same tape machine that "Sweet Home Alabama" as recorded on.

    I don't know who made a Youtube video of that song but I hope they'll do the rest of the tunes!
  3. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Thanks for that info, Brad!

    Faithful readers: If, like me, you are a Doc Watson fan, (and why wouldn't you be?) Brad played the audio of Doc Watson's thoughts for the liner notes of Cedar Hill's album, Mama Don't Allow, in Episode 33 of the Grass Talk Radio Podcast ... find it here.
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