Strings for 515.

  1. Jimmijames
    Hello All,

    So, I've tried Elixirs, Gibson Sam Bush's and J75's. I just can seem to find the strings I like yet. I've got a 515 and I'm wonder what strings other 515 owners use and why.

  2. frshwtrbob
    Did you ever find the brand and guage that you like or are you still looking. J-74's or the EXP74's get my vote. Well balanced to my "newb at the mandolin" ears & not too hard to play for my old fingers.
  3. ColdBeerGoCubs
    I use the G and D from a set of Bush Monels, the A and E from a set of J74's, but those will soon be going up to the J75 gauges.
  4. citadelpilot
    I know Elixirs kind of get a bad rap around here, but I really like them on my MD515L. I have them on my Ovation guitar as well.
  5. Jimmijames

    I'm still looking. I'm currently using Gibson Monroe's. They are ok. So far, I think I like the EXP74's the best.
  6. Groundcoat
    I'm in "string experiment" mode. I recently received an order of strings from different manufacturers, types and gage sizes. My 515 came with D'Addario J74s and I thought they sounded a little dull even with a new set. I've got John Pearse 80/20 bronze strings on it now and so far, so good but they're still fairly new. I also have Black Diamond, GHS, Curt Mangan, DR Rare and D'Addario EJ62 still yet to try. I'll keep each set of strings on for about 8 weeks or so before changing. By the end of the year, I'll have a pretty good idea what strings my mandolin craves.
  7. mando_noob
    At my next string change, I'm looking forward to trying some GHS Silk and Bronze LSB250. My mando sounds pretty bright to me and these strings are supposed to make it warmer sounding.
  8. Roger Adams
    Roger Adams
    I am currently using the LSB250. They are OK, but next time around, I think I will go back to the J74s. The LSB250 sound a little "thin" to my ear - in comparison to the J74, which I believe are stock issue on the 515.
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