Intonation issues?

  1. Teak
    My A2z delivered in Nov 2015 appears to have an intonation issue now. I want to change strings, but before doing so I want to determine if the bridge needs to be moved or not.

    When I change strings, I only do so two at a time. That leaves tension on the sound board which keeps the bridge in place. I can truly say that the bridge has not moved since I have owned it.

    The problem is that if I tune the open strings to the correct pitch (using a Snark tuner), then the frets pitch sharp. If I tune the frets to pitch, the open strings are flat. I can hear it and the tuner confirms.

    Has anyone else had intonation issues? My 1979 Givens A-5 has never had intonation issues, but it is a longer scale (joined at 15th fret) so I am wondering if the A2z models (joined at fret 12) are a bit more sensitive to tonation given the shorter nut-to-bridge lengths.

  2. Doug Freeman
    Doug Freeman
    I've owned Black A2z #8 for several years now. I hadn't noticed any intonation issues until maybe six months ago when I started playing some pieces calling for notes in the high registers on all strings. Nothing extreme. I de-strung it, removed the bridge, and filed a slot or two slightly in one direction or other to bring it into near perfect intonation.

    Likely you're experiencing some settling of the top plate, maybe a little give in the neck, etc. Might need a truss rod adjustment too, but certainly it needs to have the bridge moved rearward.

    Don't be afraid to remove—or at least tune down—all the strings at once in order to move the bridge easily and adjust the height of the saddle. You have a digital tuner and it's not a huge deal using that to get the bridge where it needs to be to improve your intonation.
  3. Teak
    Thanks for the advice, Doug!

    I will try to move the bridge back fractionally when I change the strings. The top does appear to have settled a bit.
  4. Teak
    Solved! The last time I changed strings, I left the A pair on and loosened them up a bit so that I could move the bridge underneath. It took about 1 mm of shifting the bridge closer to the tail before I got the intonation correct again.
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