Brad Laird's Personal Feedback Solution

  1. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    Since the Woodshed Group is currently studying Brad's Mandolin Master Class and using it to create study group lessons, I think it is appropriate to share the following page from Brad's website. The page describes Brad's interactive vision for working with his students by offering a fee-based personal help and feedback solution. It also outlines the criteria for using this service.

    It is important for me to stress again to any newcomers here that I am not a teacher and I am certainly not a mandolin whiz or expert. I'm leading this study group by coming up with what I think are good ideas for lesson assignments in music theory to be studied hands-on with your instrument, based on Brad's book. Also, Brad does not sponsor the study group lessons, nor approve them - he graciously contributes help and comments here when he chooses to do so. Although I lead this group right now by choice, I am a student here attempting to improve just as we all are.
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