Looking for Neck Strap Button placement opinions

  1. GreenMTBoy
    I'm going to put a strap button on the new to me A2Z
    What is best,on the side of the neck or heel cap,I have never put one on a mandolin before .
    I have done guitars in both positions with good luck ,what is best for this mando ?
    Thanks Tom
  2. Mike Black
    Mike Black
    The side of the neck.
  3. GreenMTBoy
    Well that definitively answers that question ! Thank you very much Mike ,Side of the neck it is .
    Just checked UPS tracking ,the mandolin is 50 miles away and on schedule for Friday delivery .
  4. Doug Freeman
    Doug Freeman
    Here's the location of the strap button on A2-z #8. I was never able to confirm whether Mike or someone else installed it, but it's in a good spot.

  5. GreenMTBoy
    Thanks Doug but I get -Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator.
    every time I click on it
  6. Doug Freeman
    Doug Freeman
    Just edited and uploaded via URL. It's displaying huge on my screen but hopefully it's viewable for you.

    As an aside, I'd have preferred NOT to have a strap button on this mando, but it was already there. I've passed on mandos just because of strap buttons, especially if they've been put in a bad location. Plus I prefer the balance of attaching the strap to the end of the neck or even on an underside tuner. I do that even on F mandos. Good luck!
  7. GreenMTBoy
    Hi Doug ,Thanks ,the picture came through this time ,huge ! but that's alright
    that is about where I placed mine
    I talked to Mike about it to confirm placement ,didn't want to drill into the truss rod !
    I drilled the hole about 3/4'' from top of fret board and roughly even with the top of the heel
    I understand a neck strap button is Taboo to a lot of people ,but I really like having one ,its what I am comfortable with .
    If you don't like the strap button on yours why not just take it out and fill the hole with correct color wood putty ,no one but you will know
  8. Doug Freeman
    Doug Freeman
    Originally it came with a black metal Fender-like strap button which I hated the looks of. I immediately removed it and filled the hole with dowel and colored it to match. Didn't look perfect but it was all right. Then at some point I started feeling like I'd rather see a nice ebony strap button there than the hole, and thought maybe I'd like to play it with the strap there. Put on the button, played it that way for awhile, but eventually went back to attaching the strap to the second E string tuner.
  9. GreenMTBoy
    Black metal Fender-like strap button Not Cool ,Nice Ebony or Cocobolo with a Mother of Pearl Dot is what I like to use ,I like the Iluak ones on Ebay
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