1. Tezzerh
    I'm interested in which tunes you all play on your mandolin banjos, especially those you think sound better on this instrument than on an 'ordinary' mandolin. There's Oh Susannah and Yankee Doodle, of course, but I've surprised myself with some other tunes which sound good. Fig For A Kiss sounds great, as does A Hundred Pipers. Any more?
  2. HonketyHank
    "Kingdom Coming" aka "Year of Jubilo". Seems like it was written for MB.
  3. Tezzerh
    Thanks for the suggestion, Hank. Good to hear from you. I've found the music and tabs for it and will give it a try. I see it's a tune dating from the Civil War. A lot of those work well on MB, I reckon. Any more, folks?
  4. Namder
    I play my mandolin banjo in English country dance bands and it really suits those lively dance tunes. a bonus is you can also hear yourself over those pesky piano accordions.

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