New Morris Flat-top

  1. Frankdolin
    Hi to all,
    I just bought the Morris oval hole flat-top in the classifieds here on the MC. Looking forward to adding a new voice to my "chorus". You guys know how it is MAS plus the waaaaiting... . Will update on arrival !!! Later, Frank
  2. HonketyHank
    I know you'll like it. Of course I may be biased. But we all might be in this forum. At least slightly anyway.
  3. Frankdolin
    I received my new Morris oval-hole flat-top yesterday. Great service from Sonny and Nadine.The mando is beautiful with amazing attention to detail and a perfect set-up.The sound so is the different voice I was wanting.I will post more details and a video when she opens up some and I get over my initial crush.
  4. Frankdolin
    Well it's been awhile since I got this oval hole flat-top Morris so I've got lots of hours,days,and months getting to know her... I am now in a deep loving relationship with this little beauty! With a cedar top,maple back,and walnut sides and neck with no stains or anything to alter all the natural beauty of the wood. The tone just melts my heart.And the sustain is so long I've had to alter my style somewhat on certain pieces.It's also the loudest of my stable which includes 2 f5s',a Tacoma, and an old Martin oval A style. I've had to force myself to remember to play my other mandos and then it has to be first thing in the morn before I here this Morris or I end up back on this right away, it sounds that much nicer. The set up and overall feel is perfect. I did remove a strap button that was on the heel, first thing, as I have no use for it and IMHO didn't belong and was in my way. Not crazy about the Grover 504s but they function.I bought some 509s to put on when I change strings. Now I'm not a great endorser of products but this is my exception. I LOVE this mandolin!!!
    Frank DeLorenzo
  5. JPG
    Congratulations from a far-away Morris fan. Will you be posting some pictures of your new love?
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