Patient. Be Patient.

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    There are of course many excellent luthiers in the UK building brilliant mandolins. But the ethos I sense around Howard Morris, the enthusiasm for his instruments amongst owners and players on this site and, let's face it, the kudos of commissioning and eventually playing a piece from a dedicated builder was just too much for this native Englander. Howard has sent me some preliminary pictures of the left-handed flat-top he's currently constructing for me and I hope to post images of the finished product early next year. I won't actually get my hands on it until shortly before Xmas when a relative will fly over with it. Carefully, I hope. Meanwhile, I must be patient....
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    It's on its way ... See Pictures.
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    New Year's Eve, 2015: Morris Mandolin #340 finally arrives in deepest soul south-east England. My camera does not do it justice. The most resonant instrument I've ever played. Neck feels like it was custom-made. Mr Morris makes fine mandolins, that's for sure. And this is 'just' his basic model! Thank you Howard.
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    Specs: Left-handed. I/1/16 at bone nut.Western Red Cedar top + transverse tone-bar. Big Leaf maple back and sides. 3pc laminated maple neck with steel bar epoxied in. Red Burst nitro finish. Radius cobold rosewood fretboard and adjustable bridge. Rosewood overlay on headstock. Gover tuners and tail. Strap buttons x 2. Martin 450 strings. All standard! Plus K&K Pure pick-up fitted by Howard. = One happy man!
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