Jamming in 2016

  1. MSalisbury
    OK, the start of a new year means new opportunities to Jam, right? This list has been a bit dead the last couple of months, let's see if we can stir things up, shall we?

    What is everyone's availability over the next couple of weeks/ months? I am stuck on second shift for the fore-seeable future, so week-day evenings are pretty much out, but I can usually make it to a Jam on a Saturday or Sunday.

    I live on the South side of Indy, near Greenwood (US31 & Stop 11 road), but am willing to drive to make a good gathering. I'm negotiating with my apartment complex for use of the Club House for a future meeting if there is any interest - Big room, great acoustics, with a back deck with Gas grill - it could be a party! (Parking is a bit limited, but they will allow people to park along the street & on the grass if need be with advance notice.)

    So let's hear what everyone has going on! Who's up for busting out a jam?

  2. Mando_Zeek
    Im down mark!
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