Mando Geeks camping weekend/jam interest?

  1. DargDog
    Would anyone be interested in having a camping/jam weekend? I have a good friend that has a nice sized property and he would be interested in hosting us.

    As I have never done anything like this before, I am not sure of a program or protocol; but I think with enough notice, we could invite a couple of local bluegrass groups in as well as jammers from some of the various places we meet around the state.

  2. Sasquatch
    I'm new to this group so pardon my ignorance. I live in Richmond, IN. Where are you located? This could be interesting to meet some mando-nuts like myself! I'm like you, though, I have zero knowledge about protocol on such matters.
  3. DargDog

    I live just outside of Crawfordsville; ironically, I was raised in Richmond and most of my family is still in the area
  4. woodenfingers
    I'm around Lebanon and would be interested. Not sure about a whole weekend but a get-together of sorts. I know I'd love to hear the Squatch in person... Stylistically I am more celtic and old-time than real bluegrass but I keep trying all sorts of genres.
  5. Mando_Zeek
    Oh yeah, count me in. With enough notice I could swing it for a day.
  6. MSalisbury
    Count me in - not sure about camping (my gear is still down in Atlanta GA, moving to Indy), but I could swing by and make a day of it.
  7. margonaught
    New to this group as well, sorry if I am stepping on toes...
    I love this idea! I have some experience planning events and productions and would love to help plan/organize. My initial questions:

    1. goal/objective: what are we trying to accomplish with this weekend? Unstructured fun/hang-out weekend with jamming? Structured classes/jams led by invited guests (might need to pay them)? "performances" by invited guests (= paid)?
    2. scope/size: How many people are we hoping to attract/accommodate? How large is this property? How many people do we think would be interested/available? Do we charge money to pay for invited/paid guests?
    3. logistics: What sort of facilities are on this property? And how do we make sure we don't trash it? (toilet/shower, cooking, potable water, parking, trash removal, etc.)
  8. MSalisbury
    Is this going to happen? I haven't heard any more about it, hoping it comes off. Or are we waiting for warmer, less rainy, weather?
  9. Mando_Zeek
    It needs to happen, Van1684 and I have talked about it recently. Also, we ought to try and meet up again soon mark and anyone else who wants to join in
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