April 12th Jam Meet-up

  1. Mando_Zeek
    Hey everyone! Is anyone interested in meeting up on the 12th of April, something like 1-5p-ish? We could do a slow/beginner Jam and some beer drinking mando swapping/admiring etc. Nothing serious, low-key good time!
  2. DargDog

    I would love to participate but wouldn't be able to make it until 3 or so. I will keep an eye on this thread to see what develops.
  3. Mike Trent
    Mike Trent
    Where were you thinking of meeting up?
  4. Mando_Zeek
    we could do 3-7 or so DargDog, no big deal.

    Ill explore some places to meet tomorrow. Unless you guys have a suggestion or two? If the weather is nice I was thinking we could even do something outside at a park, possibly forest park in noblesville?
  5. Neal2ilo
    I'm a new mandolin picker on the west side of Indy and looking for a slow jam to join.
    N. Williams
  6. DargDog
    Zeek- Don't change the hours on my account, please.

    I will be travelling home from Muncie to Crawfordsville, so I can meet anywhere in between. Just let me know!!
  7. Mando_Zeek
    Just give me a call or text if you want to meet up. I can get us a room at the Noblesville public library I think, if we have enough interest. My number is 2five3-seven7seven-6269.
  8. MSalisbury
    Well, I'd love to join but will be coming from Terre Haute in the early afternoon - 1pm would be a tad early. 3-7p would be a lot better for me. For what it's worth
  9. MSalisbury
    What a great time, guys! Met up with Isaac and Steve at the Concrete store ("Concrete Bottom Boys", I'm telling ya, it could work!)

    We discussed the Wernick Jam classes, and according to the Café workshop schedule the next one is in May. Friday May 1 thru Sun May 3. I've not any experience with Russell, but the classes I took with Jim Adkins down in Marietta were a hoot and a half! I strongly recommend the Wernick classes for beginning jammers.

  10. Mando_Zeek
    Well fellas, it sure was a good time. We'll set another get together again soon!
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