other electric mandolins

  1. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    Although this group was started with primarily Fender electrics in mind, there are lots of other great electric mandos out there. Tell us about yours and maybe even show us a snapshot or two.
  2. Daniel Nestlerode
    Daniel Nestlerode
    Well, it's not great. In fact it's only ok. But I use an Epi Mandobird, and I call it the Mando(la)bird because I tune it CGDA. The sparkly gold finish is fun fun fun. At some point in the near-ish future I'll need to upgrade.

    What I like about it is the shape, Firebirds rule! And I like the fact that it has a string-through bridge, rather than a top loader.
  3. OKMike
    D N

    Firebirds do rule, I haven't taken the plunge into an emando yet but those J Bovier's sure have me lusting. I'm thinking of a small pignose amp, wondering how that combo will sound.

  4. Daniel Nestlerode
    Daniel Nestlerode
    You don't need a little amp to match the "little guitar." Though a Pignose might be fine. What you should do after you get your emando is hit a shop that has a wide selection of amps and try every one that suits your power/volume needs. (My personal policy is to keep the power at or below 30w unless or until I start playing larger venues.)

    Make sure you crank all of the knobs, especially the tone controls. You'll be playing a mando through a guitar amp, and guitar amps are set up to adjust the tone of guitars. So the bass knob (or bass end of the eq) will likely be useless, but not necessarily useless.

  5. F-2 Dave
    F-2 Dave
    cool mandobird. I know what you mean about sparkly finishes being fun. I used to have an old Barcus Berry fiddle that had a blue huge metal flake finish (like you'd see on a bass boat) It wasn't much to look at up close, but get it under some bright lights and you could burn people's eyes out with it. Traded it off, wish i hadn't. Haven't seen another one since.
  6. OKMike

    I have an ultrasound amp, was considering the pignose as a stand alone amp ar use it as a pre amp into the ultrasound to get some of that gnarly tone.

  7. mandroid
    Have 2 CGDA tuned 4 strings, an A50 conversion , and a solid body I had made ..It's A shaped too.
    solid body got 4 RMC bridge pickup pieces, added, to the Lace Sensor PU that it was built with..

    Built on a Fender Strat like theme I bought a 5 string several years ago. P5 Pentaula

    15" scale Currently Using an octave GDAEB tuning .. Steve Ryder shaved & refinished the Neck,

    and retrofitted, for Synth access Piezo Bridge pieces.. RMC..
  8. Buffalo Sam
    Buffalo Sam
    I'm about to get a Fender electric [FM60E] in a couple of weeks when I get to where it is. Looking forward to the horsepower. I play an Apitius 10-string [mandalto] and it has a miniflex microphone installed but it can feed back in LOUD band situations, so I'm looking forward to holding my own with all the electric guitars. I have a Fender Champ and a Roland Cube 60 that I'll try it with and see how it goes. Just ran into a Fender Sidekick 25 Reverb that I could get cheap [actually, is $100 cheap for that amp?]. What do you guys play your mandocasters through? R
  9. Buffalo Sam
    Buffalo Sam
    Anybody know where I can find a Fender hardshell case [MC510?] for the FM60E. It's only got the gig bag. R
  10. mandroid
    I got one from my local Music shop that sells Fender, back when my FM61se was pretty new..
    IDK if any remain in the Importer's inventory.
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