Recommend an Economical Hardshell Case for my Morris?

  1. lflngpicker
    As you know, my Morris A4 will arrive in a gig bag. Do any of you fellow Morris players recommend a hardshell case under $100 that fits nicely and does the job? I don't have to travel with her, just drive a few miles to play at local gigs. I don't want someone to lean against the gig bag and break this beauty Howard is building for me. Thanks!
  2. Mike Arakelian
    Mike Arakelian
    I'd highly recommend a Travelite case. They're about $75.00 on Amazon and are an excellent case for the money. You should be able to get some pictures on-line without any difficulty. They will accommodate either an A-style or an F-style easily, and will hold the instrument securely and snugly in place.
  3. lflngpicker
    Thank you, Mike. This is a great suggestion. I gave them a look just now.
  4. Mike Arakelian
    Mike Arakelian
    You're welcome. Good luck with both the case and your new Morris mandolin. I'm sure it'll be a beauty.
  5. lflngpicker
    Hey Mike, You may want to check out my progress on my Morris. See my albums. Thanks, Dan
  6. Mike Arakelian
    Mike Arakelian
    It looks great, Dan. I especially love the maple back. When will it be complete? I'm waiting on a Black Tie A5 from Marty Jacobson. It's about 95% complete, so I'll hopefully see it in a few weeks time. I had't thought of adding photos to my album...good idea. It has a spruce top with a highly figured big leaf maple back, ZIRICOTE sides, neck and peg head, Rubner tuners (from Germany), radiused Ebony fretboard with an inlaid vine design on the fret board. The leaves on the vine are inlaid with turquoise...really sharp. Marty has given it a traditional voice like the old Gibsons. Sure hope it comes out that way. I'll definitely add photos to my album when it comes in.

  7. lflngpicker
    Mike, What a great day to look forward to-- the arrival of your Jacobson A5 mandolin. I am just aghast at the appointments and embellishments you described. What a beautiful appearing and sounding instrument it shall surely be! I can't wait to see the pix. Do share and let me know how it turns out. Congrats in the meantime. -- Dan
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