Elkhorn #40

  1. RDean
    Hello Elkhorn group! We drove down to Durango from Denver last weekend to pick up the F5 that I put a deposit on in August. We had dinner with Robb and Mary and visited their new home and Robb's workshop the next morning before returning home. They were extremely hospitable and welcoming. It was a quick trip, but well worth it. I've long admired his work, and now I finally have one of his superb instruments.
    #40 has a red adirondack top, big leaf one-piece maple back and sides, gold waverlys with ebony buttons, and an oil varnish gloss finish. When he handed it to me for the very first time to play, he said, "This is is worst it is ever going to sound."
  2. Trey Young
    Trey Young
    Congrats RDean! I've spoken with Robb a handful of times and emailed back and forth a good bit, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. Perhaps one day I'll get out there. Enjoy #40!
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