Ted Eschliman's Jazz Book

  1. chasgrav
    Hi All -

    I recently picked up Ted Eschliman's book, 'Getting Into Jazz Mandolin'. I've been playing for many years, but have never gotten too far from bluegrass, old-time and Celtic styles. I play some jazz guitar, and figured I might enjoy transferring some of that knowledge to mandolin.

    So far, I'm pretty impressed with the book. The exercises get you going right from the start, and he doesn't overwhelm you with theory, (although it's in there, if you're interested). I'm surprised no one has created something like this method before.

    Pretty challenging -- It sure is one great workout for the left pinky-finger!

    Happy Holidays!
  2. agundrum
    Looked at the preview on Amazon. I'm going to check it out further.
  3. MandoSquirrel
    The JazzMando website has plenty of Ted's stuff to sample & see if this book's for you. Definitely some good exercises.
  4. WayneLetang
    I bought the book, I like it. Scales good..
  5. Londy
    I just picked up the book as well. Looks a little intimidating at first. Is there a study club here for this? If not, I think we should create one. Learning as a group can be more meaningful than alone. Your thoughts?
  6. WayneLetang
    Study club sounds good?
  7. TwoByFour
    I'm guessing from the gaps between posts that the study club never happened. If it did, could some kind Cafer point me in that direction, and if not, still any interest?
  8. Londy
    yeah, it seems to be hard to get these groups to move. I am interested in a study buddy.
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