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  1. stringduster
    I' happy to be a subscriber to this group and even more proud of the beautiful Merlot "F" that Michael built for me. I'll take it to my grave.
  2. Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods
    matthew good song -

    If I die you can have my stereo (mandolin).
  3. doc holiday
    doc holiday
    I'm the guardian of Heiden 82L. Michael's 1st lefty Artist F. It is a brilliant instrument,
  4. Aaron Woods
    Aaron Woods
    I'm A-16 and M-3. That is an A style (big leaf/sitka) mandolin and an A style (rock/engelmann) mandola for the lay people.

  5. craigmurray
    "for the lay people" Funny stuff. My mandolin is F-81, maybe produced in the same batch as Doc's. It is dated May 2005.
  6. SternART
    I've got #78, a Heritage F5....dated 1-05....an incredibly rich sounding and expressive mandolin.
  7. sgarrity
    Mine is A5 #38 from Dec. of '06. One piece Englemann top, one piece red maple b&s. It's a very loud, woody sounding mandolin.
  8. Dave Reiner
    Dave Reiner
    Blond A-34, June '04. Looks just about exactly like the one on Heiden's website. A pleasure to play!
  9. jasona
    I don't have a Heiden, but Michael did a refret and fingerboard plane that makes my Ratcliff a real joy to play. He's a master for sure!
  10. samlyman
    I have A-54 which is an artist model with an Adi top and one piece quilted maple back and sides. It was built in 2010 and has a very nice custom wheat headstock inlay that suits me fine as I live in the Palouse region of North Idaho. The tone is remarkable.
  11. Janos
    Hi there, I just bought a 2009 Heiden A5 artist from TAMCO in Brighton England. It really is the best mandolin I've ever played! Before I made the trip from the Netherlands I went to Jeff Cardey, a great player living in Brussels, to play his Heiden A5 artist all day. I was amazed by the tonal quality and the sweetness of the top strings and I knew I had to go to Brighton to get me that Heiden.

    Cheers, Janos

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