Show us your JB's!

  1. DryBones
    Mine is the title shot for this forum. Let's see everybody else's.
  2. David Back
    David Back
    I am not computer literate so I will get the wife or the daughter to post a pic of my f5 tradition. I find myself wanting a black faced shiny A to go with the not shiny F. I have a case of MAS and the cure is just a phone call away.
  3. aardbark
    Mine looks exactly like yours, except that it's a different color and has the Vine inlay on the neck.

    David B.
    "Life is a game, the object of which is to discover the object of the game."
  4. TonyE
    I'm a newbie. I got this satin, antique sunburst A4 at Fiddler's Green in Austin a couple of weeks ago. I see some differences between mine and other A4's on the internet. Mine has Abalone inlay around the sound hole, and the curvy longhorn inlay on the headstock. Also my tailpiece is a Gibson style while on others I see a one piece cast tailpiece, Ashton Baily maybe. I guess they're making some different trades while keeping the cost from going up.
  5. Pchorney
    Here is my f5 special
  6. Wilbur Tabacsko
    Wilbur Tabacsko
  7. Wilbur Tabacsko
    Wilbur Tabacsko
    Ooops part 2!!
  8. Wilbur Tabacsko
    Wilbur Tabacsko
    By gosh, I think I've got it! My Dorado!

  9. mandobassman
    Just got my new A5 just before Christmas. Mine is the prototype for the new 2013 line of mandolins and mine is the one that was used for the photo on the website. Mighty fine mandolin. Sounds powerful and full. Not a real deep voice, but it has a powerful midrange and has beautiful balance. I am only having one real issue with it. I am having a real hard time keeping it in tune. My previous Breedlove that I had for six years was always in tune and I seldom had to adjust it during a gig. This A5 is fighting me constantly. I am going to change the cheap tuners to a set of Golden Age. I had them on my Breedlove and was very happy with them. I will probably change the tailpiece as well (simply because I don't like Two-piece traditional tailpieces). Thinking of going with the Orrico. I think it would look great on this mando. Very pleased with the sound, though. I'm using D'Addario flatwound strings on it.

  10. mandobassman
    How in the heck do you add a photo? I appears to be different than when adding a photo to a Forum post. Everything I tried didn't work.
  11. mmcadory
    Posted at the forum's show your mando. New Bovier F5-Z Amber. Looks like I'm not the only one.

    Couldn't figure out how to insert the images without them blowing up the post.
  12. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I just added my J Bovier A5 with Allen tailpiece and Ruebner tuners to the group photos. She is a great mandolin - best value mandolin I have ever owned. I love her smooth tones - great for recording and playing of course.
  13. David Lewis
    David Lewis

    This is what mine looks like: in fact, you can see it in my profile picture. I absolutely love it: it does everything.. plays beautifully. I want to buy another JBovier one day: a beautiful A-Style with the round sound hole...
  14. nordian
    Posted a number of photos on the picture page. This thing sounds awesome.
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