Modifications and accessories?

  1. jake-mando
    I was wondering if anyone has made any changes to their JB. Or what kind of accessories you've added? Bridges? Tailpieces? Pickups?
  2. jake-mando
    Okay, I'll start this off. I've added a Cumberland arm rest, and gromets between the strings to help calm the over tones. I have a high quality ebony bridge I'm going to get installed. I'm thinking of upgrading the tail piece to and Allen. (any thoughts on the tail piece upgrade?)
  3. friend
    Hi there jake. Haven't done any upgrades yet. Was thinking about a CA bridge. Did you upgrade your bridge, and if so, was it an improvement?
  4. jake-mando
    I haven't had the bridge Installed yet. I'm hoping in July. That is the soonest I can get back into Edmonton to get any work done. I had bought the bridge from the Mandolin Store. They said it was the same quality as the CA and it was made in the U.S. it was a little less money. I am likely going to order the Allen AR -2 tailpiece soon. I can let you know how that goes. What model of Bovier do you have?
  5. Bill Z
    Bill Z
    Just mentioned elsewhere I changed the tailpiece out to a cast Ashton Bailey. Looks sharp.

    Regarding the bridge, mine came with a "traditional" saddle, not a radiused one. Mentioned this to Jeff and he said that's not right. I sent the measurements for the adjustment screws and he sent me a new radiused saddle. Also, the dealer had lost the pickguard, and although I don't use one, Jeff sent a replacement so the next owner would have an option. Good man.

    The only thing I wish I had now are the black tuner buttons as pictured in the ad - mine are white. And apparently the earlier Grover tuners (I forget which number: 308 or 309) that I have cannot fit the only black replacements Grover sells. Pity.

    Just bought a Franklin "link" strap in black. Really nicely made and very comfortable. The Morgan Monroe braided one that came with my Dorado is poorly made of inferior leather, is way too long, and quite uncomfortable.
  6. jake-mando
    Bill I'm glad you brought up the point about the traditional saddle. My Dorado also has a traditonal saddle on it. I may have to look into that a bit more. The replacement bridge that I have is also flat. Hmm. I your Dorado a Korean or Chinese built? Mine was old stock and was made in Korea in 2009. Not that I think there is any differance. Jeff seems to have a handle on the quality control. I am loving mine. I've had a tone of compliments on it's looks and sound quality.

    Off topic alittle there. By changing out the bridge to a radiused one did you notice a differance in playability? I had a Ashton Baily on my Ibanez M522. I liked it, it made that el'cheapo sound not bad at all. I've go to get alittle touch up on my set up soon. It's developed a buzz on the G string. I've been using Elixer Nanoweb mediums on it. I've got some GHS silk and bronze mediums coming. So I'll see if may be more my string choice then the mando. What are you using for strings on yours?
  7. jake-mando
    I have decided on my upgrades for my Dorado. I have an Allen AR2 cast tail piece on it's way. I am ordering a Cumberland Acoustics bridge with a 12 degree radius, and having a bone nut shaped and installed. I switched to the GHS silk and bronze last week. Great sounding string!
  8. nordian
    I had Kyle at the Mando Shop to add an Allen tailpiece to my A5 special before shipping it.
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