Need Italian Folk Music Jam Advice

  1. BIG Dave J
    BIG Dave J
    As a member of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America, New Generation Lodge, I am organizing an Italian Folk Music Jam. I have only been to a couple of BlueGrass jams so don't know much about how they come together. I would appreciate any advice to make this a successful event. I hope to host the jam once per month starting June 8th.
  2. Mandophile
    Well, I'm not sure this will help as I only joined the Italian social group last month! I didn't realize one existed. So, for future Italian jams, I would suggest that you have a strong rhythm guitarist or an accordionist who can provide the foundation. If it's just an instrumental get together, that should be easy but if you're adding singalong, you'll have to determine the structure. Some singers start start "Coro" songs with the chorus (ritornello) rather than the verse.
    I'd like to know if this helped or how your jam sessions went. If there anything like the accordion jams that I do at local clubs, they can be pretty chaotic unless you have a strong player who can lead while playing.
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