Reel's on Bouzouki

  1. Ambrianbrosia
    Thought I'd start of with a reel I learned recently, Julia Delaney's, I normally play it on mandolin but love it on bouzouki, different way of playing it
  2. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    That left hand is working really well there, A.
  3. Ambrianbrosia
    Cheers John, it's a fun one to do
  4. bouzoukiboy
    @ Ambrianbrosia....Welcome aboard.
    great tune and nice playing. What make of instrument are u using.
    Good job on the tempo with that scale size. As John says...a good workout for your left hand...for sure... Slainte Dale
  5. Ambrianbrosia
    It's an APC bouzouki, Antonio Pinto Carvalho in Portugal. Thanks for the welcome & words, Slainte freisin!
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