What should I learn next?

  1. aconnormartin
    Hey guys,

    I took a break from the mando to focus on piano for a couple of weeks but I'm gonna start playing it again but can't think of any pieces to learn. So, if you know of any fun ones send them this way please!

  2. Eddie Sheehy
    Vivaldi's Concerto for two mandolins is exciting. Also his Concerto in Dmaj - Largo is fun and not too difficult.
  3. shelfyowen
    The Bach Cello Suites are a good place to start. BWV1009 is my favourite, the 1st Bouree is quite easy to get the hang of and there are no awkward bar's or a lot of moving round the neck. You can get the violin score for all 6 suites for under a ten quid.
  4. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    I second the Vivaldi in D-Maj...Largo. Its a lot of fun to play!
  5. Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Hey Shelfyowen, is there anywhere I might find specific tab for the 1st Bourree?
  6. shelfyowen
    I have not found any free versions on the internet in tab, so I will try and post one up here by the end of the week.
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