Lefty A5s and F5s are now available

  1. marcodamusician
    Jeff Cowherd has heard our lefty pleas and he has responded.

    I'm ready to take orders for LEFTY JBovier "A5" & "F5" models.

    There's a possibility that I can have the first ones here in a month...
    I'll know for sure on that ETA soon.

    Leftys are (of course) a bit more expensive to build, so the "A5-L"
    (Lefty) retail price will be $949.

    If possible, can you put out a message to the lefty mando-community that
    I'll be producing JBovier LEFTY models as special orders. Have interested
    players contact me directly: jeff@JBovier.net

    Jeff Cowherd
    JBovier Custom Shop
    Facebook = www.facebook.com/jbovier
    Official Website = www.JBovier.net

    Below, Jeff responds to a few questions regarding the price increase for lefty instruments.

    In real terms, it is amazing to be able to build JBovier "lefty" models
    and only slightly increase the price for them!

    Even though "A5"s are symmetrical, making a lefty version still requires
    re-tooling, reversing the top graduations, reversing the tone bar
    positions, carving a new fretboard extender for the opposite side of the
    neck, creating a new fretboard shape, creating new bridge saddles with
    opposite compensations, shaping the nut in the opposite direction then
    cutting the slots it in reverse order (nut & saddle), repositioning the
    direction of the peghead logo, (etc).

    For "F5"s, all the above is also true. PLUS the unique shapes of an F's
    top, back, sides, scroll, and headstock must be cut and carved completely
    opposite the normal processes.

    Craftspeople (who are highly skilled in creating right handed mandolins)
    must do every task just the opposite, with the same high quality, and also
    be able to actually play them left handed for testing.

    All that, for models that may only occasionally be built, is certainly
    worth a couple of bucks more... To me, anyway.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________
    __________________________________________________ __________________________
    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    I will officially introduce JBovier "Lefty" mandolin models as being
    available in 2014, but will accept pre-orders for players who may want to
    reserve one in that 1st batch (ETA January).

    JBovier Lefty models will have the same specs as their right handed
    siblings, and be designated with an "L" after the model.
    * "A5-L" (A5)
    * "F5T-L" (F5-Tradition)
    * "F5S-L" (F5-Special)

    (I'm only posting this information here for people that missed the discussion I started yesterday)
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