Strings for 1N

  1. Dale Pauline
    Dale Pauline
    I just picked up an '83 1N and was wondering if I should string with J-74's or J-73's. Could someone me let me know if this mando should be strung with light gauge or medium gauge strings or does it matter. Thanks!
  2. Elb2000
    My 93 Flatiron Cadet recommends J73 Strings, on a label printed inside the body, adjacent the neck joint. Since your 83 does not have a truss rod, I think light weight strings should be used to minimize neck bow. My Cadet has a truss rod, and I tend to ignore that recommendation, since I can adjust the neck, if needed.
  3. Dale Pauline
    Dale Pauline
    Thanks, just what I needed to know. I'll check to see if my mando has that same label inside once I'm back home.

  4. fatt-dad
    GHS a250s are perfect gauges. It's what I've used on my 84 1n.

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