OK it happen..now I need to get one

  1. albeham
    Hello all,
    Al here in the lesser state of Maryland.

    I came to know about the TB last weekend at a house Jam. Wow I did not know...shallow me.

    Now I need to find a low price one or trade one of my mandolins for one. Any ideas?

  2. albeham
    No really I am looking for one..

  3. Topher Gayle
    Topher Gayle
    They're great, aren't they? I have three - two old Vegas and an old no-name which I am refurbishing. They were all bought from friends and the prices were all low. Ask around! People have them in their closets! Find one with a straight neck and most of the parts intact. Skins, nuts, bridges and tuners can be replaced pretty easily. Missing hardware can be found though if you have a vintage banjo and want to find vintage parts it can be pricey. Or look on line at places like Elderly music. They have great photos.
  4. albeham
    Thank you, that is what I am doing.

    The wife's birthday is this weekend, and if I brig home a banjo..yep you know the rest. Now if I bring home one that was given..even better.

    I'll keep the word out.

  5. albeham
    Got one now picked it up last night..its a loaner but I was told.. "see what you can with it." So I guess I need to. I have not yet even picked on it, that's tonight when I get back home. So I guess what I need to do is work it like my mandolin and make sure it is GDAE.
    I don't even know the name of it yet.. what a bad first date.
    I'll tune it up tonight and check things out.

    Any tips?

  6. albeham
    It has SS Stewart stamped on the back of the peg head and 262 stamped on the inside on a wood part that runs though the middle of the head. It has a closed wood back, with metal strings. There is no design on the peg head. I tuned it up to the first octave for GDAE, but i need to go to the next octave. But worried about breaking something. strings I can break...

    Any insight on this would help me..like parts etc.

  7. xiledscot
    Al take a look here http://www.mugwumps.com/sss_date.html it will give you some background info on SS Stewart.

    Get your mando tuner out.You want to tune it one octave below your mandolin.
    If it's in reasonable condition,the strings will break before you damage anything else.You should think about new strings anyway.
    The wooden back is a resonator and should come off to allow you to check the tension of the head(skin)
    Make sure all the little nuts are tight. Banjo heads are fairly cheap and not difficult to replace.If you don't find any serious defects,tune her up and try a few mando tunes.
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