1. germano
    'Would appreciate knowing of any teachers of banjo in Austin. Single personal recommendations or a whole list, noting location in city, would be very nice. Anyone?

    austin, tx
  2. Mark Seale
    Mark Seale
    I believe Rolfe Sieker teaches, he is up in Round Rock.
  3. jackmalonis
    I've been reading up on it some, and one of the guys that sounds like the best (pretty sure he's on the cafe) is Billy Bright.
    you can reach him at Billy@highstring.com
  4. padawan
    I know its probably too late to help you but in case others look into this thread for help I thought I'd share these:

    You can find teachers for a lot of different instruments all over central Texas at the Central Texas Bluegrass Association's website: http://centraltexasbluegrass.org/instruction.html

    Fiddler's green in central Austin has a lot of good instructors who are listed here:

    You can also get instruction at:

    South Austin Music (South Austin)
    Danny Ray's just North of Austin in Round Rock

    I found my teacher through one of these.
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