Well, we're movin' on up......................

  1. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    Just got the word the other night, my kids pitched in and ordered me a Morgan Monroe MDM-2 for Father's Day! Knew I raised 'em right. I played one a while back, it's the "Distressed" model with a wider neck, which I'm looking forward to. Played really nice, good, open woody tone, and LOUD! Definitely has a bluegrass feel to it. Is it a Loar, or Gilchrist, or (insert name of high-dollar mando)? No, but a MSRP of over $1,000, it certainly doesn't qualify as "cheap". Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Still gonna keep my Rogue for a beater, loaner, let my family try-it-out backup. Since I had it setup, it's been playing really nice! Wow, in 3 months I've gone from 0 mandolins to 2! I sense an alarming trend, here.
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