Classical mandola/mandocellist needed for Cleveland OH performanc

  1. violmando

    I received a call today from a fellow musician in the Cleveland area; he is director of a concert series there and would like someone to perform on solo mandola in October. It is a paid gig. He mentioned something like the Bach Viola da Gamba sonatas on it, which made me think mandocello....I play all 3 of these instruments, but frankly, I'm no solist.

    If anyone is interested, message me here or at my If you want to pass it on, OK, too....

    That's all I know so far.
    Yvonne, a GREAT ensemble player, but no solist.
  2. violmando
    OK...if you want more, let me know. It is NOT a good gig...the person had a cancellation and wants the same program that was promised by the original artist. Several pieces, not traditional mandola literature and only $250. However, you MIGHT be able to set your own program....GRRR!
  3. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Not much dough for someone to travel. Good luck to your friend.

    But it did inspire me to order a copy of the da gamba sonatas--it has been decades since I worked on those.
  4. violmando
    Yep, I'm not doing this, but it's given me the push to work on some solo repertoire. I have a bunch of it from my double bass/cello days, so I can work on some mandocello chops!
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