London Mandolin Ensemble.

  1. Beanzy
    Apparently there is one! I've been gleaning information where possible.

    From the BMG contacts page
    London Mandolin Ensemble
    Instruments: Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar
    Contact: Cathy Cox 01923 251491
    Venue: Two minutes from Tottenham Court Road Underground station.
    Time:Tuesday evening 7.30 9.30pm

    Facebook page

    Apparently they rehearse every fortnight ; but it's the week I'm down home and so can't take part.

    Anyone on here involved?
  2. Peter Skerratt
    Peter Skerratt
    I haven't been yet, but hope to get along next week. I understand they start with simpler pieces to make it easier for us novices to get involved.
  3. Beanzy
    Hope you get there ok and enjoy it.

    I've just seen this over on the uk mandolin site and they link it to the pdf of the masterclass with Alon Sariel too.

  4. Ms Pamphilia
    Ms Pamphilia

    That contact information for London Mandolin Ensemble is correct and updates about what is going to be played each fortnight are posted on our Facebook page:

    Sorry you cannot make it to our rehearsals at present. The dates for the first six months of next year are 15th & 29th January, 12th & 26th February, 12th & 26th March, 9th & 23rd April, 14th & 28th May and 11th & 25th June in case it is of any help to know them now.

    There are also plans afoot to organise sessions for the interim Tuesdays that will be focused entirely on playing simpler pieces.

    Really hope to see you soon!
  5. Beanzy
    Fingers crossed I'll be along to the June 4th one. Really looking forward to it.
    The ensemble looks like it's going from strength to strength which is really encouraging.
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