Gib/Gil - F4/F5

  1. Eddie Sheehy
    I have caught and released several Gibson mandolins over the last few years, A4's, A3's, A2's, A's, F5-L's, A5L, A5G, H1, H2, K1, K2... But I now have only two Gibsons, a teens A and probably the most unique Gibson I have ever 'caught' - a 1920 F4 which was converted to an F5 (longer neck, F-hole top) in 1996 by Steve Gilchrist. It has a wonderful sound and is certainly head and shoulders above the other Gib F5's I have had. Steve describes the work done to it as
    New Soundboard - Engelmann Spruce, X-Braced.
    Extended Mahogany Neck to a 15th F5 length
    Rebound Body in Ivoroid
    Re-used the Original Headstock veneers and tuners
    New 29th fret fingerboard and extension support
    Water Stain and Spirit varnish finish - keeping original back stain
    It certainly is a remarkable instrument.
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