New to TB, What have I got here?

  1. woodenfingers
    I have been playing mandolin for a couple years, started doing a bit of recording, and wanted to put some tenor banjo into the mix so I bought these two for $330. The 19 fretter on the left seems quite nice with birds eye maple but no markings of any kind other than that it has a Waverly tailpiece. Quite fancy 'knobs' on the tuners too. The 17 fretter on the right has the Slingerland name inside it. Looks fairly plain jane. I ordered D'Addario strings for them, regular tenor banjo for the 19 fretter and Irish for the 17 fretter. What have I got here? Any suggestions for better strings? anything else I should do with them other than to learn to play them?

    See pictures at:
  2. woodenfingers
    Hi Xiledscot,

    Thanks for the comments. I had read the prior threads but I was hoping somebody would pipe up and say that they had the same banjos and that they sound awesome with XYZ's cat gut nano strings or something.

    I had also sent the pics to Jake and he says the banjo on the left is a 1930-1935 Harmony Deluxe and the one on the right is a 1925-1930 Oscar Schmidt-made and Slingerland-labelled banjo. I'm quite happy with them. I'll get new strings on them and see how they sound before messing too much with them.
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