Flatiron Comparison

  1. John Ritchhart
    John Ritchhart
    Most of you may have seen this already but I thought I would post to get this social group going a little.

  2. mandopete
    Very cool, thanks for posting this!
  3. John Ritchhart
    John Ritchhart
    I forgot the most important difference (maybe), The Montana Flatiron has a bolted glued tenon neck joint, while the Nashville made model has a dovetail joint. Lots of debate about the pro's and cons.
  4. Scottydawg
    Hi All,
    Don't own a Flatiron ...yet... but was wondering about the "playability" or "action" of the Montana vs Nashville models...is either one better/ lower, etc.? A vs F...any difference? any updates on the neck joint differences?
    If my ears serve me, I think I like the Montana Tone better?
  5. Rocking Bow
    Rocking Bow
    I bought my first Flatiron in 1981 at Elderly Music in Ann Arbor. I went in there with $200 a friend loaned me for the purchase. I looked at the mandolin-covered wall at all the old instruments and took down several to try, and couldn't make up my mind. A very patient employee then took each instrument, tuned them all up, played the same tune on each one while I stood in front of the instrument. I was surprised to find I didn't like any of them much when I was in front. Then he started playing the new Flatirons and I was smitten. He tuned and played every one of those they had in stock, and there were a lot, and I narrowed my choice down to two instruments. I couldn't discern a difference in sound between those two, so I chose the one with the finer wood grain on the top. In less than ten years the top had sagged and I got a new one, lifetime guarantee, you know, which I've been playing ever since.
  6. Rick Albertson
    Rick Albertson
    I can adjust the action on my 94 Signature F5 extremely low. What an excellent mandolin - loud, sweet, well balanced, great chop.
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