Speranze perdute / Autunno senza te

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Here are two more Italian tunes: Speranze perdute is a very famous waltz by Alessandro Morelli, which I've played with the second mandolin part published in the 1920s/30s by Paolilli in New York. Autunno senza te is a tune from the San Francisco Italian community, written by Peter Tarzia and recorded in the 1970s by Matteo Casserini. Matteo's recording is a free download at Bruce Zweig's site. I've played it from the transcription in Sheri Mignano's book.

    I'm using my Ceccherini bowlback for both tunes, as I think it has the most "Neapolitan" tone of my mandolins. Second mandolin on Speranze Perdute on my Embergher bowlback.

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