Quanno tramonto 'o sole

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is "Quanno tramonta 'o sole" (or "Quando tramonta il sole"), as recorded by Matteo Casserino whose 1970s version can be downloaded for free from Bruce Zweig's page. Matteo misspelled the title, and his mistake was perpetuated by Bruce Zweig and Sheri Mignano, which may explain why she lists the song's composer as "unknown". The Hot Fritattas also covered this, and also spelled it Sheri's way. The original hand-written chart for Matteo's version is here:


    In fact, it was written in 1911 by one of the more famous Neapolitan songwriters, Salvatore Gambardella, and even was the title (and title song) for a 1955 biopic of its composer's life -- I used stills from the movie for my video. Lots of other versions of the song on Youtube.

    Recorded on my 1890s Ceccherini bowlback and Ozark tenor guitar. Melody line on the intro doubled on tenor guitar, harmony in the chorus from Sheri's version and overdubbed on mandolin.

    Lyrics to the song are:

    Viene addu me! Cuntèntame stu core
    che, 'a tantu tiempo, penza, aspetta e spera...
    Lèvame 'a pietto 'sta fattura nera,
    pecchè te chiammo cu nu vero ammore!

    Te veco, cu na rosa
    'inte capille,
    vicino a me...
    Vicino a me...

    Mme pare 'e darte vase a mille a mille,
    sempe sunnanno 'e te!
    Sempe sunnanno 'e te...

    Siéntelo, oje bella, 'o suono 'e sti pparole
    Viene addu me, quanno tramonta 'o sole!

    Quanno tramonta 'o sole, e tuttecosa,
    jènne pe' s'addurmí dinta nuttata,
    piglia 'o culore 'e na viola nfosa...
    tanno te penzo sora e 'nnammurata!

    Tanno te sento mia
    tutta felice,
    senza parlá...
    Senza parlá!

    Cu ll'uocchie dint'a ll'uocchie e po' mme dice:
    "Quanta felicitá...
    Quanta felicitá!..."

    Siéntelo, oje bella, 'o suono 'e sti pparole!
    Fatte vasá, quanno tramonta 'o sole!

    Edit: I see that the movie is on Youtube in its entirety:


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